A developer has developed an application for the $35 Raspberry Pi computer dubbed PiCast that enables users to send out videos and other online content through to the TV using the Pi.

Entirely open source, the application is still in developmental stages but, you can still get its code from its GitHub repository here. The developer notes in the repository page that he is not impressed with Google’s Chromecast as it isn’t open. He has noted that PiCast will be open and will be working towards optimizing the application.

“I thought what do I have that I could use w/HDMI [licensing] and wouldn’t be terribly hard to do? My Arduino? Nope BUT my Raspberry Pi can do it all, literally and same price as the Chromecast” notes the developer.

All the steps required to get the PiCast app up and running on the Raspberry Pi have been listed on the repository. Further there is a video of the PiCast in action as well which you can see below: