Flash storage alternative dubbed Resistance RAM (ReRAM), which promises several advantages over traditional Flash, has been announced by a California based company, Crossbar. Some of the advantages include ability to store as much as 1TB data on a single chip, 3-D stacking of chips for multi-terabyte storage, around 20x faster write speeds than flash, low-cost manufacturing and lowest power consumption that enhances battery life of gadgets among others.

The company claims that the structure of its product is simple: three layered silicon-based material that has a top electrode, a bottom electrode and a switching medium in between. Filament created in between electrodes because of voltage storage the data. Crossbar has claimed that the ReRAM has 10 years retention capacity and 10,000 write cycles for each cell. This puts the new storage technology at 10 times better write performance than the current multilevel cell flash.

George Minassian, CEO of Crossbar, said, “Non-volatile memory is ubiquitous today, as the storage technology at the heart of the over a trillion dollar electronics market – from tablets and USB sticks to enterprise storage systems.”

The company is however taking shorter strides with a conservative approach when it comes to its roll out strategy. Up until the company gets backed by one of the consumer electronics giant like Apple or Samsung, we wouldn’t probably see consumer ReRAM products up until 2016.

Find the press release here.