Another week and another rc release for the latest Linux kernel – 3.11 and this one comes with a whopping 339 patches even though its nearly half way through the rc cycle.

Announcing the release Torvalds notes that he had hoped for a relative calm week but, that wasn’t the case. “I had hoped things would start calming down, but rc4 is pretty much exactly the same size as rc3 was”, notes Torvalds in the release announcement.

The latest release candidate has patches all around the place and Torvalds notes that this was a good sign as “Boring is good.” Some of the updates in rc4 include those to ARM, PARISC architectures; networking, USB and DRM driver updates; and networking changes.

Some of the features of the Linux 3.11 include support for LZ4 compression, Zswap, XFS file system improvements, Btrfs performance tuning, Radeon dynamic power management support, new DRM display driver, Intel Haswell improvements, AVX2 Crypto optimizations, IBM PowerPC improvements, ARM improvements and 64-bit support for XEN and KVM virtualization, Linux audio stack improvement, Input device improvements among others. You can find an extensive write-up on Linux 3.11 features here.