Team behind the Pebble smartwatch has finally updated the iOS app such that it enables the smartwatch to show notifications when the user receives an email on any IMAP or Gmail account.

Announcing the development through a Kickstarter page update, Pebble said that the new feature is not a push notification and the iOS app will check for any new emails every 15 minutes and sends notification to the Pebble if it does find a new email. “Like other notifications if you receive more than one email, they will be presented in a stack that you can scroll through” notes the Pebble team.

pebble ios notificaiton

Users would be required to update their iOS apps to version 1.2. Once updated they can tap on the message icon at the bottom of the app screen, click on ‘Add account’, select the type of account to be set up, sign in and accept the terms of the app when asked.

Users have the option of disabling individual accounts in case they want to avoid too much of a clutter in case they receive lots of emails. To do so one can go to settings option on the app, tap on the blue bar – this highlights active accounts. The colour will change to grey – this means that the notification for that particular account has been turned off.

The new app can be downloaded from Apple iTunes store.