Winners of the Pwnie Awards 2013 were announced at a special event during Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas and the highlight of the awards were Edward Snowden, NMap Hakin9 and Barnaby Jack (ofcourse).

Barnaby Jack was given posthumous Pwnie award for ‘lifetime achievement’ while Edward Snowden and NSA were jointly given the award of ‘Epic 0wnage’. Nmap Hakin9 on the other hand was awarded ‘Most Epic FAIL’.

Out of the nominees, best-server side bug award was given to Ben Murphy for his discovery of a vulnerability in Ruby on Rails YAML. This particular vulnerability allows attackers to carry out remote SQL injection and execute arbitrary Ruby code on the server.

Best-client side bug award was given to Adobe Reader Buffer Overflow and Sandbox Escape vulnerability which when exploited allowed attacker to escape Adobe Reader’s sandbox.

Best Privilege Escalation Bug was awarded to none other than David Wang aka planetbeing and the Evad3rs team for their iOS incomplete codesign bypass and kernel vulnerabilities using which they managed to create a jailbreak for iOS 6.

The award for Most Innovative Research went to Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk, Gynvael Coldwind for their Windows Kernel Race Conditions via Memory Access Patterns identification and exploit.

Details about the winner can be found here.

  • Richard Battin

    I could be mistaken, but it looks like the ‘Most Epic FAIL’ award was given to a group that wrote an article about NMap (‘Nmap: The Internet Considered Harmful – DARPA Inference Checking Kludge Scanning’ in Hackin9), not to NMap itself. You should check this out, and make any appropriate corrections.

    • rmandalia

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!

  • James

    Snowden is a world wide hero worthy of our grateful appreciation for
    returning TRUTH to a secretive evil spying Cabol that controls all.
    He would make a great President od the United States of America!!