BlackBerry has been reportedly released its BBM for Android and iOS devices as select few users have started receiving notifications on how to sign-up for the account and start testing the app.

According to BlackBerry OS, email invites are not being sent to everyone but, a select few users. The email states that users would require a device with at least Android Ice Cream Sandwich or 4.x.x+. The website also notes that users of iOS devices will atleast require version 6 of the mobile platform.

There has been no news in regards to internal testing which BlackBerry might have conducted on BBM for Android / iOS and if they have it seems that it was under strict conditions as no leaks have been reported so far.

If you are one of those lucky ones who has been invited under the beta testing program, do leave a note in the comments section below of contact us directly to give in your feedback and possible some kind of review. We would like to hear more.