Person going by pseudonym MentaL and administrator at RaGEZone has made public his findings from earlier this year and has revealed how he stumbled upon an unsecured Jenkins panel of BitTorrent, the parent company of uTorrent known to serve over 150 million users monthly.

MentaL had before him almost every bit of information about BitTorrent starting from source code of all software owned by the company to financial data. MentaL went onto say on the forums that he had access “master keys to everything, including DNS level material” and after reviewing the information on his hand, he concluded “it was in the best interest to notify the company immediately.”

The RaGEZone admin went onto say that the company did revert with a ‘Thank You’ and also offered him a reward which he would have gladly accepted. But, he revealed that nothing has come his way till today. When he contacted for his dues, BitTorrent asked him to send in an invoice and that too of $500.

MentaL adds, “They make millions a year in ad revenue alone and I never released, tweaked, sent fake builds or nothing out to any user and I feel insulted.”

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bitorrrent source

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