The music industry in Europe has managed to strike its first blow against IsoHunt as Italy’s local music body has managed to obtain a court order which requires ISPs to block the torrent tracking site.

Federation of the Italian Music Industry is the body behind the order issued by the Court of Milan. The order hasn’t been made public and ISPs have been ordered not to do so either. According to FIMI the music industry in Italy is losing millions of euros in revenue and that something has to be done ASAP to bring things to order.

Court of Milan acted on a formal complaint by FIMI and an urgent request from a local prosecutor and ordered ISPs to block the domain, its current IP as well as future IP addresses. Details of other domains blocked by Italian ISPs can be seen here.

According to TorrentFreak, Local ISPs in Italy were quick to respond to the court order and have already blocked the domain.

Italy seems to have a large list of blocked sites and this list is building up lately. UK on the other hand is also joining the likes of Italy in weeding out piracy promoting sites and has recently blocked KickAssTorrents, H33T and Fenopy on copyright grounds.