Apple has uploaded a new knowledge base article on its website that details iMessage spam reporting system and how users can take appropriate steps to report spam messages.

An iMessage spam system was long overdue and was expected to come as one of the key features in iOS 7. But, Apple has already introduced the new system which requires a user to take screenshot of the messages he / she thinks are spam and reporting it manually by sending out an email to Apple. Apple will then carry out an investigation of the issue and take necessary actions. The KB can be found here.

The method introduced by Apple seems rather primitive and troublesome but, it seems that there will be quite a few users with iOS devices not having the ability to support iOS 7. This is probably the reason why Apple has chosen for a manual system for now.

There is a huge problem here though. How would Apple decide on whether the messages sent are spam or not? Further, how will it process millions of messages it will start receiving soon? We are baffled!