Trend Micro has claimed that it has come across two browser extensions which are known to pilfer social media accounts of users using infected systems.

Known to be distributed through links posted on social networking sites the extensions present themselves as a video of a young women committing suicide which can only be seen if the media player is updated notes Trend Micro. According to Trend Micro threat response engineer, Don Ladores, the video player carries a digital signature which is used to give a false sense of security to users about the authenticity of the video player.

Ladores writes, “It is not yet clear if this signature was fraudulently issued, or a valid organization had their signing key compromised and used for this type of purpose.”

If users do install the alleged video player update, dubious browser extensions are installed on user’s system depending upon the browser being used. The extensions carry names such as Chrome Service Pack 5.0.0 and Mozilla Service Pack 5.0., which to non-techy eyes would seem legitimate.

Following the installation of the extensions, a configuration file is downloaded from another website which is then used by the extensions to steal social media accounts.