World’s leading PC manufacturer Lenovo has been reportedly banned from supplying to security agencies and defense services in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and the UK following concerns that systems manufactured by the company may be vulnerable to hacking.

Australian Financial Review (AFR) carried out an investigation and found that the manufacturer has been banned from supplying to ‘top-secret’ and ‘secret’ networks of security agencies and that a written ban has been enforced since mid-2000s. Intensive tests were carried out by agencies of the five countries which concluded that systems manufactured by the company had “back-door hardware and firmware vulnerabilities”.

AFR report cites its sources in the UK which claimed that their tests found “malicious modifications” to Lenovo’s chips that could “allow people to remotely access devices without the users’ knowledge”. The report also claims that after Lenovo took over IBM’s PC business in 2005, it never sought accreditation with the Australian agencies for supply to defense and intelligence services.

Lenovo on the other hand claims that it still holds strong relationship with government customers “so the claims being made are new to us.” Lenovo said that it was looking into the claims and will provide an update as and when available.