Thomson Reuters appears to be the latest victim of the Syrian Electronic Army as its Twitter feed apparently got hijacked following which a series of image links to political cartoons supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were tweeted on the hacked feed.

The attacks are believed to have started on Monday evening sometime with the first tweet appearing at 18:30 ET. The account was suspended at around 19:45 and all the unauthorized tweets deleted. The feed is back to normal as of this writing.

SEA was able to post links to a total of seven images, most of them being pro-Assad cartoons notes All Things D. The hacking group was quite for a few weeks after it went on a rampage of hijacking twitter account of companies including the likes of CBS, The Guardian, The Financial Times, E! Online, and The Onion.

Following incidents of Twitter feed hijacks, the microblogging platform has been busy developing some-sort of rapid-response protocol through which media companies can put suspend their accounts quickly and temporarily, if hijacked, up until they regain control and evidence is gathered for further investigation.