Microsoft will be launching its Xbox One on November 29 according to a probable slip-up on Toys R Us website while Sony is going to launch its PlayStation 4 console on December 13. The website is accepting pre-orders for the device and from the looks of it this doesn’t seem to be the case of an accidental disclosure.

Microsoft is already blowing the trumpets about how the pre-orders of the Xbox One are over the roof and even more so – greater in numbers as compared to its predecessor – the Xbox 360. There are others who are claiming that the new Xbox console will outsell the PS4 and if the latest dates on Toys R Us do happen to be true, Microsoft will have a huge advantage of 15 days, which during the holiday season more or less makes or breaks a product.

In related news, an analyst has claimed that there will be shortage in both the consoles as soon as they are released because of the complexities involved in co-ordinated launches. Because of this both the companies have been rather judicious in allocating units to online retailers.