Apple’s next set of MacBook Pros will be apparently delayed till October as suppliers are having issues with the yield of the Retina displays.

According to report on the China Times the internal timetables of different suppliers and even that of Apple have gone haywire because of the apparent yield issues which will push the availability of the new MacBook Pros to October.

Earlier, analysts were of the opinion that the new Pros will be available from September alongside the rumoured launch of the next iPhone. This wasn’t unlikely as Apple is known to debut new product during autumn of each year and this year is not going to be any different.

With prices of solid state drives (SSDs) falling it was believed that Apple will lower the pricing of the new Retina MacBook Pros and bring them nearer to their non-Retina counterparts – but, this seems less likely as the prices of DRAM have gone up. However, the report on China Times suggests that the prices of the new MacBook Pros will be more or less equal to those being offered now.