Early owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active have flocked the web to vent their anger on Samsung for misleading them as their handsets are more or useless even after they took all precautions as suggested by Samsung for underwater photography.

“Capture your underwater story instantly.” and “Take your phone under the surface and capture a different world.” are some of the marketing blurbs used by Samsung to advertise its S4 Active.

Samsung, while advertising the S4 Active, revealed that the smartphone can survive a dip in a fish tank but, it actually doesn’t cover damages as a result of exposure to liquid, moisture, or dampness. Owners may have not dug deep into what the IP67 rating really means and may have misunderstood that the phone was actually water-proof in contrast to ‘water-resistant.’ The IP67 rating means that the phone is water-resistant only up to depths of three feet in water and that too for duration of just 30 minutes.

Samsung has also recommended that in case users want to try their hands onto the underwater photography, they must make sure that the handset’s “snap points” and ports are covered securely. “It is important that all compartments are closed tightly. Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to the device”, notes Samsung. This is where the confusion starts. If you give users a feature along with a false sense of security accidents are bound to happen and this is exactly what has happened.

“Phone was working great but of course the first thing i wanted to do was take an underwater picture. Followed all instructions. within 10 seconds phone had water in it and most of the systems shut down. Dried out overnight and phone works ok now. they are replacing it but it clearly does not live up to the water resistant claim.” reads one of the reviews on AT&T website.

Same is the case with this Reddit post.