MediaTek and LG have partnered to develop a smartphone capable of handling three 3G SIM cards –targeting customers carrying more than two smartphones at the same time. The silicon company has revealed that it will be focusing on stability aspects of a triple-SIM phone ensuring that there no drop in voice calls and that the calls are placed with high quality of voice.

According to the companies, the new technology so developed will allow for voice calls, SMS as well as data transmission and would support standby mode that would not consume any battery juice at all. No further details have been announced by the companies.

We are a bit skeptical of such a device as there are two major concerns with a triple-SIM phone: battery life and the amount of radiation that would be emitted. To address the battery life issue LG would have to fit the handset with mammoth of a battery that may bump up the cost considerably and probably the size of the phone as well.

LG is already selling triple-SIM feature phone – the A290 (pictured above) in India at a cost of ~$60 (₹3450). We haven’t had a chance to play around with the phone but considering that it is a feature phone – the usability of the phone would be undoubtedly limited to a great extent.