Pinterest has announced that it will start honouring Do Not Track settings, if users have set the option to not have their activity and personal data tracked and collected by websites and third parties.

For those who are not aware of the Do Not Track option, available in all major web browsers today, is like a Do Not Call (DND) registry, which if set, would – in theory – block cookies that collect personal information and specifically those which are left on a user’s computers by third party advertising companies. However for the system to work browsers, developers and above all websites publishers are required to cooperate with each other.

Browser makers have already done their part by implementing this option but, there is a very small number of websites that actually honour this browser option, Twitter being the first one among all the social networking sites. This makes Pinterest the second social networking site to do so.

“Consensus around the technical specs for Do Not Track remain elusive. However, we believe people are making a choice when they turn on Do Not Track. Today, we’re committing to respecting that choice”, said Pinterest in a statement. Users of the internet cork board site can enable this feature through the account settings option in their account.