The reason for early launch as explained by game’s senior developer Allen Murray to Polygon is to test out the features of the game along with server stability as well as pricing. The game is going to be free to play with in-app purchases for premium plants and coin packs that would allow users to purchase power-ups as well as upgrades.

The game utilizes a lot of new technologies and offers cloud saving. Using this feature, users can share accounts across multiple devices and this is what PopCap is looking to test to ensure that the systems work as intended. According to Murray they are planning to test and monitor player behavior as well, specifically the purchasing habits such that they could alter the pricing before a wider launch.

Murray said, “Our philosophy is to not be heavy-handed and very soft in our approach.”

“Anyone with enough time and skill can unlock all content. But we have a unique challenge in that the game is widely loved — by kids and grandparents, casual players and hardcore players, and everyone in between. It’s a challenge to design something that will work for all audiences”, he added.