Konami revealed that its “Konami ID” website was hit by the mass login attempts. This particular website is used by its customers to manage login accounts for Konami’s other services. According to the company the illicit login attempts were spread out over the course of about 3 weeks and over 35,000 attempts were successful. Konami has frozen all the 35,252 accounts that were illegally accessed and has asked the owners to change their passwords.

The login information would have probably been leaked by a service run by some other company says Konami. Information such as its customers’ actual names, email addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers are tied up with all the accounts. The credentials created using ‘Konami ID’ can also be used on other services provided by the game maker’s across Japan including an online shopping website. The Metal Gear Solid maker has however said that it hasn’t detected access to any of the paid services.

The disclosure from Konami follows the announcement made by Nintendo  wherein it said that its “Club Nintendo” website was at the receiving end of nearly 15 million illicit login attempts out of which 24,000 were successful.