According to China Business News, Foxconn is recruiting for its integrated digital product business group that handles manufacturing of new phones but, sources of the news company failed to mention how many workers were to be hired. Foxconn currently has 200,000 workers working at its plant in China’s Henan province, which is nearly two thirds of its strength year-on-year. This could be one of the reasons why Foxconn is bubble up its workforce.

Given that Foxconn may have received large orders from Apple for the next iPhone, one thing to be kept in mind is that Cupertino has started diversifying on the production front by signing deals with Taiwanese manufacturer, Pegatron. So other reasons behind the recruitment drive can’t be ruled out either.

One such reason is Foxconn’s recent partnership with Mozilla through which it will be developing atleast 5 Firefox OS powered devices including one tablet. Further the company has also tied-up with Taiwan Mobile to produce a low-cost smartphone, A5 – which is due to hit the market in mid-July.


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