At the annual shareholders meet, Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry CEO said that US launch of BlackBerry 10 wasn’t a disaster but, US carriers didn’t help and went ahead with promotions of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range of handsets thus displaying ‘opportunistic thinking’ notes the Wall Street Journal. Irrefutable evidence that BlackBerry 10 device sales have been slow can be derived from Microsoft’s claims that Windows Phone sales have outnumbered that of BB10 to become the third most popular mobile OS platform.

BlackBerry perils are evident from last year’s layoff which witness loss of 5000 jobs and backtracking on decision involving update of the PlayBook tablet to BB10. The WSJ report does confirm Piasentin’s departure but, doesn’t mention anything about additional layoffs.

At the annual shareholders meet Heins stressed that BlackBerry was still in its early years of transition. The CEO went on to say that it wasn’t just a product but, a whole new platform and noted that many would judge the company based on performance of just one device in one quarter – BlackBerry is not a “devices-only company. … This is a long-term transition for the company.”