Motorola will probably be the first company which will offer customization options for Moto X to a greater extent rather than just engravings like Apple.

Motorola customers will be able to customize their phones such that they are “uniquely theirs” by choosing from different options such as back covers, engraving a personal message, even upload a picture to be set as their wallpaper right in the factory so when you first switch it on you already have a wallpaper of your linking in place. Having said that customizations aren’t all too impressive and are mere cosmetic ones but, it may be a step in the right direction.

The Google owned company is going to assemble the Moto X on US Soil thereby reducing the delivery time of the phones. An event has already been planned at Google’s Mountain View California Campus on July 10, 11 and chances are that Moto X will be launched during the event. But, CNET is of the opinion that the event is not about Moto X.