Up until now Ubuntu resided in a separate area and the OS was fired up on top of Android using ‘change root (chroot).’ This led many to claim that Ubuntu Touch was just another Android shell. The scenario has changed now and new images now boot Ubuntu directly following which Android is initialized inside an LXC Container.

Oliver Grawert announced the flipped images through a mailing list announcement and noted that the developers have switched to a new image model, labeled the recent changes as ‘container flip’ and the new images are now referred to as ‘flipped images’. Grawert noted that even though the new system isn’t of the same standard as the prior images, developers are confident enough that the system is good enough to make the switch thereby booting Ubuntu directly.

“The images are not necessarily in the same state as the traditional one, but we believe it’s good enough already for us to flip it by default, and move forward just fixing and improving the flipped scenario (which matches our desired architecture)” noted Grawert.

The image can be found at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/.