Announced earlier this year, the app was under only released in the Nordic region of Europe for testing purpose and with results satisfactory; Sony is making the app available globally over the course of next few weeks. Users will be able to locate and protect their Xperia smartphones as well as the personal data residing on the handset in case the phone is lost or stolen. Users will have to activate the app through the smartphone’s settings page and sign-in using Google ID onto which will provide a central interface.

Using the interface, users can also sound an alert remotely that will override the silent mode while lighting the display allowing them to find the phone if it somewhere nearby. Users can even locate the phone on a map, lock the phone, send a message with contact details in case the person who found the phone wants to return the handset to the rightful owner. As a last resort, if nothing works one can even wipe data off both the internal as well as external storage.