Using the app, which will be tied to a user’s account, one can upload as well as download files quickly and can even sync the device’s camera for auto upload of images and videos to the cloud. This particular option is a descent alternative to a similar feature provided by Google.

The app show image thumbnails; allows for sending of both files as well as folder links; allows for creation of files and folders as well as move and rename them. Users can search the files within their Mega account using the search function within the app.

Mega has announced that there are more features to come and that users can even request for new features.  The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Mega is a replacement to the now de-funct Megaupload which was shuttered by US law enforcement agencies after charging Kim Dotcom and his associates of copyright infringement. Mega was announced in November last year and was made public this year in January. The service offers 50GB of free storage and users who require more storage may go for paid plans.