Despite all the efforts to strengthen the user verification process the DoT hasn’t been able to achieve the desired results for the lack of seriousness among SIM retailers across India. By proposing a mandatory fingerprint scan, the government will be able to keep a record of all SIM buyers and trace them as and when required.

The new proposal, however, is going to face stiff opposition from telecom providers majorly for two reasons. First and foremost SIM cards in India are sold through local retailers and equipping them with required instruments for scanning is going to be a mammoth task which will require huge amount of efforts as well as money. The question here would be who will be paying the bills for this new equipment?

The second issue pertains to data connectivity.  Much of the rural India lacks the required data connectivity to push scanned data through to central servers. Nominating just a few centers for sale of SIM cards would deter growth of the telecom industry which is already marred with slow growth.