Under the new plan all defense ministry staff will be required to install the app on their handsets which will limit the functionality of the smartphones reported Yonhap News Agency on Wednesday.

Defense ministry staff will be allowed to make phone calls and send out text messages but, those using Apple’s iPhone will only be allowed to take calls and messages. Visitors are prohibited from carrying any mobile phones into the ministry building. The plan will be effective from July 15 and a trail run will be held following which revisions to the plan may be made said the ministry. The plan, if found suitable after the test results are reviewed, may be rolled out in other military facilities.

Governments banning smartphones in military buildings is nothing new. Just a couple of months back, iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 were cleared by Pentagon for use in the U.S military. Stringent security requirements have also prompted many vendors to build camera-free phones for use in such military establishments.