According to Bloomberg Apple is trying to protect the term as it intends to use it for a product that is categorized as a handheld computer or a watch device. The trademark was filed earlier in June with the Japan Patent Office and was made public sometime last week.

Media houses started using the term long before the application surfaced and as soon as there were reports that Apple was busy building a wearble device that will be powered by its iOS operating system. Reports also surfaced that nearly 100 personnel from Apple’s marketing, software, and hardware units are part of a team experimenting with wrist-watch like wearable device featuring curved glass. A patent which Apple received in February also confirms existence of iWatch.

Apple’s product is not going to be first of its kind as there are others who have already built wearable fitness gadgets. Smartwatches have also been developed by Pebble and Sony and it is confirmed that Samsung is also busy building one while it is rumoured that Microsoft is also working on a similar device.