You can still buy the 16GB model of the Nexus 4 which comes in white and customers will be provided with a free bumper case with every purchase but, we don’t know how many of these are still left in stock. As far as the Nexus 4 in black is concerned, they are still in stock and you can buy one of those if you are not too picky about the colour.

And, if you thought you would be buying a Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One instead of the Nexus 4, keep in mind that they are not going to be around till another week. They are expected to ship sometime in the second week of July probably from 9th but considering that you might not be the only one waiting for these handsets, there could be shipping delays as we don’t have an idea of the demand Google or OEMs may will be dealing with.

Considering that demand for these Google edition phones is high you shouldn’t expect quick shipping.