Linus Torvalds was thinking of releasing another rc but, decided against the idea and went ahead with official Linux 3.10 commit as we had anticipated last week. There is a whole lot of things that come along with version 3.10 and we have already covered them though our articles in previous weeks and in the best features of the Linux 3.10 kernel.

Torvalds notes in the announcement that releases since Linux 3.9 haven’t been prone to problems and 3.10 is no different. However, he noted that this release could have gone either but, there was no specific reason for another rc and break the normal pattern of “rc7 is the last rc before the release.”

“As usual, the bulk patch-wise is all drivers (pretty much exactly two thirds), while the rest is evenly split between arch updates and “misc”. No major new subsystems this time around, although there are individual new features”, he notes.