In a June 21 tweet, Sony revealed an infographic which talked about how one third of all smartphone owners wanted a wrist wear which was smart. The same day in came a tweet which had an alleged photo of Sony’s smartwatch. Considering that the twitter account is an official one there is no doubt about the looks of the smartwatch.

Sony, it seems, wasn’t done with its teasers and again after a few hours a tweet teased a probable name for the smart wrist device. “Pocket watch / wristwatch / digital watch / LiveView / SmartWatch / ? #itstime #MAE13” read the tweet.

According to other sources, apart from the official Twitter account, it is believed that the smartwatch will carry features such as NFC, touchscreen and will be waterproof. According to CNET, there will be three icons below the screen “just like the company’s current Xperia smart phones”.