Even though Google doesn’t have plans of opening Android Nation stores directly, its partnering efforts with Spice Global will see over 50 stores in India. Spice Global is set to transform its existing 50 odd stores and rebrand them as Android Nation stores – the first reportedly coming up in New Delhi according to the Times of India, and it will also open up shops at new locations in a bid to accelerate the rollout.

Spice has also gained support from Google for its CoolPad range of phones. The retailer has over 900 stores in India and Google is definitely in for some great brick-and-mortar future thanks to its collaboration with Spice Global. Google will have a platform to push its Nexus lineup – smartphones and tablets – through the official stores which are available online through Google Play store in India.

Nexus range of smartphones and tablets are not that popular unlike in the US and the official retail stores will provide a huge exposure to the Nexus lineup to more and more people in India. Google is also planning to promote android smartphones and tablets from other vendors such as HTC, Samsung, and Sony as well rather than just restricting it to its own products.

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