Senior Engineering Manager Radek Vokál gave a presentation at the Red Hat summit last week wherein he said “we are replacing MySQL with MariaDB” while speaking about the company’s plans for RHEL 7. Reports started flowing in from all sides about Red Hat’s decision to “ditch MySQL” and move to MariaDB following this presentation. According to Vokál the reason behind moving to MariaDB was that Red Hat can participate upstream with database’s more open developers and he said “MariaDB will be the main thing for us”.

Following this, Red Hat’s Director of Product Marketing, Mark Coggin, told reporters and various media outlets that the company has neither made a decision about its ‘default database’ nor any such announcement has been made.

Coggin said in an emailed statement, “We are also not in a position to confirm the features or databases planned for Red Hat Software Collections that will be offered with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Despite not sharing the details, databases will be offered as part of the overall solution when Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 ships.”