Version 3.3 is a hefty release and packs some rather interesting features such as support for 64-bit ARM, new vectorizer, new micro-architecture enhancements, integration of the AMD R600 GPU LLVM back-end, and Clang frontend is now C++ 11 feature complete among others.

“LLVM 3.3 is a big release: it adds new targets for the AArch64 and AMD R600 GPU architectures, adds support for IBM’s z/Architecture S390 systems, and major enhancements for the PowerPC backend (including support for PowerPC 2.04/2.05/2.06 instructions, and an integrated assembler) and MIPS targets” read the release announcement.

The Clang frontend beyond being C++ 11 feature complete also includes important C++ 11 library features like std::regex. The compiler also supports Unicode characters in identifiers as well as comes with a C++ 11 Migrator tool that would allow developers to upgrade their code to use C++ 11 features while the Clang Format tool will plug into the vim and emacs editors (among others) to auto-format the code.

LLVM 3.3 release notes can be found here and can be downloaded from here.