Microsoft gave out a lot of details about its Xbox One during E3 gaming conference and even allowed attendees to play demo games. In one of the cases when an E3 attendee was playing one of the demo games, the game crashed to a Windows 7 desktop. Julian Rignall from US Gamers was the person playing the demo when it crashed. Rignall tweeted, “I just played an Xbox One game using an Xbox One controller that crashed… to a Windows 7, Hewlet Packard-branded desktop. Magic!”

There are even reports that photos taken during the event revealed someone working on these hidden PCs and at one instance the side panel was exposed which enabled passersby to peek at the internals of these systems. According to EA’s COO Peter Moore during a post-conference interview at E3 the games that were being shown on stage were running on comparable development kits as compared to the actual consoles.

We have seen gaming companies do so before and while using gaming PCs to show off console games at exhibitions is considered to be quite common, Microsoft using a HP gaming PC and that too running on Windows 7 and powered by Nvidia GTX 700 series GPU is a little hard to digest. The reason? Well, because we all know that AMD is using some modified APU to power the Xbox One and according to Extreme Tech the APU is somewhere on the same level as that of the mid-ranged Radeon 7790. Does this means that the modified APU which is comparable to 7790 isn’t as powerful as the GTX 780?

Secondly Microsoft should have used Windows 8 system as the Xbox One’s OS is partly based on the Windows 8 OS and not the Windows 7.