A total of 86 such groups and companies are sending out a letter to Congress demanding the closure of PRISM and have also launched a new online campaign dubbed “StopWatching.US” and are inviting users to sign the petition.

The letter basically demands for a congressional investigatory committee, similar to the Church Committee of the 1970s, while also demanding for legal reforms in domestic spying. The letter also demands that public officials who are responsible for such illegal surveillance be held accountable. Read All about PRISM: Things you need to know.

EFF provides excerpts of the letter which reads, “This type of blanket data collection by the government strikes at bedrock American values of freedom and privacy. This dragnet surveillance violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, which protect citizens’ right to speak and associate anonymously and guard against unreasonable searches and seizures that protect their right to privacy.”

Alex Fowler, Mozilla’s privacy and public policy director, wrote in a blog post, “We need to rekindle that energy more than ever so our elected officials take the necessary actions to illuminate how current surveillance policies are being implemented.”