The John Ive-inspired look and feel took over six month to design and the lighter version of the user interface gives a more refreshed look. The new UI doesn’t fundamentally change the way users would need to operate the OS but, the features have received a new coat of paint.

The new iOS doesn’t resemble its predecessor in any way and is an overhaul like never before. All features ranging from messaging app to the keyboard to the icons to the way the OS behaves when the hardware is moved is different – iOS 7 showcases three-dimensional behaviour.

iOS 7 brings with it multitasking features, which was on our wish list as well, for all apps and that too without hampering the battery life of the device.

Safari has been equipped with a new feature dubbed “omnisearch bar” which is similar to the one in Mac but, with added smart search field that would allow users to create easily tappable icons for popular sites. With tighter social integration the overhauled Safari now offers Shared Links that pulls shared stories from services like Twitter.

iOS 7 has also improved upon Camera and now it natively support filtering. With improved organization features that allow users to manage massive photo libraries, users can now arrange photos by location and time. The App Store for the new iOS now supports auto-update of apps.

Music on iOS 7 comes with a revamped interface which now brings with it Now Playing screen and includes both iCloud purchases and on-device content. FaceTime has been updated to offer audio-only calls over WiFi and users can block specific calls as per their choice. This particular blocking feature is available for iMessage calls as well as general Phone calls. Check out the gallery at the end of the article here.