PlayStation 4 was unveiled in February and the event didn’t see Sony revealing much about the highly awaited console. Questions like when exactly will the gaming console hit the shelves? What would be the cost? What will the console look like? What will be different bundles on offer? are yet to be answered and tonight is probably the time.

The console will most probably hit the store shelves in Japan first, followed by US then UK and the rest of the world. Europe has been always been the last to receive Sony hardware but, a recent newspaper advert in a UK based paper indicates that atleast UK will be seeing the console sometime this year reports Eurogamer.

Always Online
PlayStation 4 will allow users to play games in an offline mode but, that doesn’t mean that the console wouldn’t impose complicated connect back requirements as Microsoft has imposed on Xbox One.

Used Games
Shuhei Yoshida, in an interview with Eurogamer in February, did reveal that Sony is not going to block used games but, there were no clear indication regarding the strategy that Sony will adopt in this regards. Microsoft on the other hand has already laid down some ground rules and they don’t look too promising. Kaz Hirari made a point earlier by stating that PlayStation 4 is a gaming console and that it appeals to video gamers. Further he said that they were not going to miss that part as they have kept that stance for all its gaming consoles including the PS3. If we do try to read between the lines it means that Sony may not be overly restrictive about used games like Microsoft.

Games so far
PlayStation 4 is going to have games from all genres, prices and sizes. Some of the big-budget games slated for PS 4 are Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub and Infamous: Second Son. There has been a lot of PS 4 exclusive content that has been announced as well. Companies like Activision, EA and Ubisoft are going to release PS 4 versions of their popular gaming titles – Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag respectively.

Some free-to-play titles, MMOs, and indie releases have also been confirmed including Primal Carnage: Genesis, FPS Backlight: Retribution and Hohokum.

Backward Compatibility
This has been another point of concern for all PlayStation fans out there and according to Sony some of the titles of PS 3 will be available to stream on PS 4 but, the company hasn’t revealed much about how much it is going to charge for those and which all titles will be available.

Finally, the Console itself
PS 4’s Internals have been revealed and specifications such as 8 GB RAM and Octa core processor have earned applause from the developer community. The controller has definitely received a boost when it comes to comfort and new features. The easy-access Share button will allow users to record game play and share it with friends.

We would want to see more of the hardware of PS 4 and hopefully tonight’s conference should throw some light on other new features, specs and answers.