First and foremost clue is a sign hanging in the Moscone lobby that reads ‘7’ indicating that iOS 7 is most probably on the agenda. We are using the words ‘most probably’ because nothing can be said for certain when it comes to Apple’s announcements up until the CEO takes over the stage for the Keynote. The sign also shows off a rather flat look indicating that iOS 7 may very well be having a flat UI as speculated since over two months now.

In the photo (above) you can also see a second sign showing ‘X’ and this indicates that Apple will ‘most probably’ announce a new version of Mac OS X. There have been reports earlier that Mac OS X 10.9 is almost ready and WWDC could see Apple marking it open to developers.

There is more though – just across the street is the Metreon entertainment centre which has been adorned with colourful sign boards with Apple logo. We would place our bets on Apple announcing something colourful – may be iPad or iPhone or iPad mini or even MacBook Pro. Which gadget will be getting little more colours is not certain at the moment but, it should add to the sales figures of Apple nonetheless.