According to a latest post by Microsoft on Xbox News website, Microsoft will let publishers set the rules when it comes to used game resales to retailers. Redmond has revealed that the Xbox One has been designed such that “game publishers can publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers.” Microsoft is not going to levy any platform fee from retailers, publishers or gamers to enable transfers of used games.

Further restrictions come in the form of clamp down on ability to share titles with friends. Gamers will only be able to share games with people who have been on their friend list for atleast 30 days. Beyond this, each game can only be shared once.

Microsoft is certainly not demanding that games stay online or keep the Xbox One connected to the internet constantly but, gamers can only play offline games for a maximum of 24 hours on a primary console or an hour if they log on to a separate console and access their library of titles. Once this limit is reached offline gaming will be disabled up until the user connects the console to the Internet. Even if not connected beyond the 24 hour window, users will still be able to utilize the TV functionality of the console and play Blu-ray disks as well as standard DVDs using the device.

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