The Ultrathin HDD will be available in two sizes – 320GB and 500GB and is cased in a stainless steel body for toughness instead of Aluminum. The latest HDD is about 4.5 mm slimmer as compared to traditionally available and bulkiest HDDs which measure 9.5mm in thickness. The Ultrathin HDD will carry a suggested retail price of US$89 for 500GB, which is quite cheaper as compared to flash memory currently available for ultrathin laptops or tablets.

Banseng Teh, Seagate’s senior VP and MD for Asia Pacific and Japan, said that there is a huge “demand for storage in tablets, but people don’t want to pay for it.” Teh showed off an Android tablet prototype fitted with the 500GB HDD and playing a video trailer. The frames didn’t skip despite the fact that he was shaking the tablet vigorously.

The HDD will definitely have a tradeoff of storage vs. battery life as HDDs consume more power as compared to flash storage. Teh is of the opinion that “OEMs could still design them with onboard flash memory” to improve performance.