Google measures IPv6 adoption for a country by calculating the proportion of Internet users accessing its services over IPv6. According to Google Switzerland’s adoption stands at 10.11 percent – the highest for any country. Romania on the other hand has an adoption rate of 9.02 percent followed by France at 5.08 percent. Switzerland took the top position near the end of May and the primary reason seems to be Swisscom and its drive to adopt the next IP version.

Cisco measures IPv6 progress of any country by allotting it a score based on various elements like number of IPv6-enabled websites; number of IPv6-nabled transit networks; activity around IPv6 prefixes; and IPv6 user base. This particular method also finds Switzerland at the top with a deployment score of 89.78 percent as compared to Romania’s score of 75.82 percent.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook participated in the World IPv6 Day last year and as a token of their support enabled IPv6 on a number of their sites.