Apple sued Samsung claiming that the Korean electronics giant had infringed upon its so-called community design, which businesses in Europe are allowed to register to prevent other companies from copying the outward designs of products. Apple registered such a design back in 2004 and it showcases more of a rudimentary design of the iPad.

Cupertino earlier tried to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Netherlands but failed on two occasions in the lower court. This prompted Apple to appeal the case with the Supreme Court which “dismissed the appeal” today.  

Court ruled that Apple’s design right has a limited character as such design elements were already being used by other device manufacturers. Even through the design rights held by Apple are valid, the protection it offers is limited due to previously known and available designs which are similar.

According to the court the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 differs from that of Apple’s designs and the differences are quite obvious in the hands of an informed user. Samsung has welcomed this ruling stating that “No company should have a monopoly on general designs,” reports PC World.