The server-side JavaScript framework is great for writing high-performance and scalable internet applications and web servers that would need to handle APIs as well as fast data ingress as well as egress. Node.js has its own built-in HTTP server library allowing users to run a web server without requiring some external software like Apache.

Node.js is also one of the top supported language in the cloud and is offered by 5 of the 6 platform-as-a-service providers including Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, VMWare CloudFoundry, Salesforce Heroku, and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

Strongloop, founded just a few months ago, brings commercially supported version of node.js to the operating systems such as Windows, Red Hat, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. The company has more or less topped in every segment when it comes to supporting and providing patches to node.js.

Strongloop has put together a few facts about Node.js which includes: more than a million downloads of the latest version in first three months; second most popular project on Github; big brand users such as GM, Yahoo, eBay, and Adobe.