According to a press release on Hammond’s defense site, the hacker has agreed to a plea bargain which may see him behind bars for 10 years – a reduced sentence which was other slated as 30 years before the plea bargain. Hammond hasn’t been sentenced yet but, is awaiting trail and has already spent over a year in jail. Supporters of the activist are trying to get him released with time served

Hammond’s case is probably the last in the series of prosecutions against the members of the now disbanded LulzSec hacking collective. Year 2011 and 2012 saw arrest of quiet a few members of the LulzSec including the likes of its leader Hector “Sabu” Monsegur, who has been cooperating with the FBI since his arrests to gather evidences which have led to arrests of other LulzSec members.

Hammond has previously compared himself with late Aaron Swartz and has referred his hacking activities as being “act of protest”. Most of the LulzSec members have been charged with relatively less critical charges like launching distributed denial of service attacks against government and entertainment companies, leaking passwords but, Hammond’s trail has been taking the shape of a political action considering that the Stratfor hack lead to leak of some high-profile data sets.