The new browser has been given quite a makeover and comes with a refresh of its ‘Speed Dial’ bookmarking feature. Users can now not only organize their shortcuts into folders but, by simply dragging a bookmark over the other can group them into folders automatically.

Opera has also included a faster bookmarking tool dubbed ‘Stash’ allowing users to return to the links quickly. The new browsers has got its search and address bars combined thereby allowing users to make searches directly via Amazon, Bing, Google and Wikipedia.

Another feature that the preview version of browser is equipped with is called ‘Discover’ – a news aggregation feature that arranges news in a layout similar to that of Flipboard. Users have the option of customizing their top stories based on the categories of their choice like business, science, technology, sports, etc.

Opera has given up on its own Presto rendering engine for the latest browser and has instead developed it to use WebKit and Google’s Chromium. Following the announcement by Opera that it was going to switch over to WebKit, Google announced that it was going to replace WebKit with Blink. Opera has adopted Blink as well and will be releasing browsers based on it.

Find the press release here and you can download the new version here.