The Apple 1 system was built by Steve “The Woz” Wozniak back in 1976 at Steve Job’s parents’ garage and is probably either from the first lot of 50 systems ordered by Paul Terrell, the owner of Byte Shop chain of stores or part of the next lot of 150 systems that the Steve duo built to sell to friends and vendors. The retail price fixed for the Apple 1 at the time was $666.66 with a 33{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890} markup.

The auctioned Apple 1 comes with the original owner’s manual as well as a signed letter from Jobs to the original owner of the system – Fred Hatfield.

The German auction house Breker handled an auction of another Apple 1 last December and it fetched $640,000, which was over $300,000 more than what Sotheby’s auction of another Apple 1 in June 2012 fetched.