Jon Chiappetta announced the release of Pidora 18 through a mailing list announcement. “We’re excited to announce the release of Pidora 18 — an optimized Fedora Remix for the Raspberry Pi”, wrote Chiappetta. Pidora 18 comes with most of the Fedora 18 packages which are available via yum. The optimized OS has been compiled such that it takes advantage of the hardware built into the Raspberry Pi.

Some of the features of Pidora 18 are graphical first-boot configuration, support for various programming languages, headless mode along with the standard Linux desktop mode, auto-swap support, inclusion of easy-to-use text editors, and inclusion of libraries that support external hardware like motors and robotics, among others.

In other Fedora news, Fedora 19 Alpha was released a month ago and the final release was initially scheduled to happen in late June but, now the release has been rescheduled for early July.