The beta of HDP for Windows was released by Hortonworks on February 25 and at the time it was announced that the HDP is an extension of Hortonworks two-year-old Hadoop partnership with Microsoft.

Back in 2011, Microsoft partnered Hortonworks in a bid to create Hadoop implementations for Windows Azure as well as Windows server. Microsoft provided public test builds for both Hadoop for Azure and Hadoop for Windows known as Windows Azure HDInsight Server and HDInsight Server for Windows respectively in October 2012. The HDInsight platforms are tightly integrated with a number of Microsoft services and products.

HDP for Windows, like its Linux counterpart, allows users to deploy Hadoop on Windows Server. According to both the companies HDP for Windows offers an easy migration path to HDInsight. Hortonworks dubs HDP as the foundational layer for Microsoft’s HDInsight. Target delivery dates for the final versions of HDInsight platforms haven’t been declared yet.

Hortonworks Data Platform version 1.1 can be downloaded from Hortonworks site.