The Linux 3.10-rc1 is the second biggest rc release in years and the closure of the merge windows means that the features expected out of the Linux 3.9 successor are chalked out. Check out some of the Linux 3.9 features here. “So this is the biggest -rc1 in the last several years (perhaps ever) at least as far as counting commits go,” Linus notes in the release announcement. Only the one before Linux 3.8 had the highest number of commits notes Stephen Rothwell.

From the statistics provided by Rothwell, it appears that 11,900+ changes were pulled during the merge window making this particular 12 day window one of the busiest. Linus notes, “…despite the large number of commits, hopefully it’s all boringly straigthforward.”

Expected to release sometime in the first half of July this year, Linux 3.10 may very well have the largest kernel development cycle ever. Linus notes that he hasn’t listed all the changes so all those who are gain a better idea of the pull requests should head on to git directly “since the merge commits often do contain a better description of what happened.”